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vcg's Journal

Kera en Kerh -"Shrine in the Night"
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"ån ta-n ses-k her-n ån heptu en sba pen ånås t'et-nek ren-n nexenu nu Rennut, ren-ten au-k rex-(-)å-n ses´ årek her-n ån xent-k her-å ån seti en usext ten ånås t'et-k ren-å her ma åref åu-å kert ab-kuå her entet ån rex-n ret-k xent-k her-n åm-sen t'et årek nå set
ån semå-a tu ån åri aa en unsext (-)en ån-ås t'et-nek ren-å".

"Not will we allow to pass thee by us, say the posts of door this, thou sayest our name. Serpent children of Rennut, are your names.
Thou knowest us, pass then by us. Not shalt tread thou upon me, saith the floor of hall this, except thous sayest my name. ...... I am silent, I am pure, because not do we know thy two legs thou treadest upon us with them; tell then to me them.
Not I will question thee, saith the guardian of the door of hall this, except thou sayest my name".